• Bitcoiners are at a mere .01% penetration rate, with only 250,000 out of 2.2 billion people holding 50% of their net worth in bitcoin.
• The author believes that it is essential for the masses to understand Bitcoin in order for the new system to work and be funded properly.
• He has tried to explain his epiphany to those closest to him but has been unsuccessful due to difficulty in communicating the message effectively.

Bitcoin Adoption Rate

The adoption rate of Bitcoin is incredibly low, with only .01% penetration. This means that only 250,000 out of 2.2 billion people have chosen to store 50 percent or more of their net worth in Bitcoin.

Funding the New System

For the new system built on Bitcoin to work efficiently and remain long after we are gone, it must be funded properly and given an opportunity for people to vote using their money and opt out from fiat currency.

Difficulty Communicating the Message

The author has found it difficult trying to communicate his epiphany about Bitcoin’s potentials onto those closest to him; he believes that it is essential for the masses to understand what Bitcoin can do before they will invest into it themselves.

What is Orange Pilling?

Orange pilling refers to when someone tries convincing others about a certain belief; in this case, it would be trying to get others onboard with investing into Bitcoin as well as understanding its capabilities and how it could benefit them financially in various ways.


We need more effective methods of communication if we wish for more people from all walks of life adopt into this new system fuelled by Bitcoin – one where everyone gets what they deserve based on their efforts rather than luck or innate privilege afforded by current systems which are broken beyond repair.

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